The High Cost of Courting Mobile Customers

Today’s enterprise mobile environment isn’t evolving; it’s moving at warp speed.

For years we’ve worked with Global 2000 marketers who have grown accustomed to moving quickly in a digital economy, shifting campaigns and learning new technologies in order to stay top-of-mind with their customers. Yet the breakaway speed of widespread mobile adoption has put even the savviest of enterprise marketers through their paces.

97.7% of all app users drop off within 30 days

Traditional enterprise companies are facing business disruption from new, mobile-only entrants. But enterprise marketers in these companies have a secret weapon they can leverage by tapping into a treasure trove of information they already have in their CRM, marketing and back-end systems for their mobile marketing. When they can marry information from these sources to deeper mobile analytics and intelligence, marketing and business outcomes can be the best they’ve ever been.


Download and Done?

Developing a Long-Term Relationship
with Your Mobile Customers 

The High Cost of Courting Customers

Initially the solution to successful mobile marketing for enterprise brands was to simply create a mobile presence, done typically via the Apple app store or Google Play. Downloads were the driving factor, and marketers and IT alike high-fived over every new app download.

Yet the high from simply getting downloads has worn off quickly. Depending on which statistic you want to reference, anywhere from 75% – 90% of all downloaded apps are deleted – most of those without ever being opened. And just because an app isn’t deleted, doesn’t mean it’s being used.

97.7% of all app users drop off within 30 days—Andrew Chen, mobile expert/investor

Make no mistake about it – these dismal numbers are falling square at the feet of marketers.

Enterprise marketing departments are beginning to see the writing on the wall. The cost of user acquisitions continues to rise exponentially while retention rates ebb lower and lower. And while there may be more than one reason a customer chooses to disengage with an app, marketers can play a critical role in winning over loyal brand enthusiasts by ditching the emphasis on the download and redirecting the conversation to engaging the audience.

It’s time to redefine the way the enterprise approaches mobile. Unlike mobile-only start-ups, the enterprise has access to significant amounts of data and analytics that provide a wealth of understanding into customer behaviors, attitudes and desires across all channels. Now is the time to leverage the strength of that information and put your organization in the position to own the mobile-first world.

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