Content2Conversion 2016 Recap: Four Take-Aways for the Mobile Marketer

Content2Conversion 2016 Recap: Four Takeaways for the Mobile Marketer

This week in Scottsdale, several hundred of the world’s brightest marketers gathered to discuss content and demand marketing. I met thought leaders who worked less than a block away from me and others who had come from as far away as Cape Town, South Africa. I attended a dozen sessions over two days, which covered a lot of ground. But there were some clear themes and from them I returned with four solid take-aways that mobile marketers can use to up-level their omnichannel marketing.

Right Message, Right Person, Right Time
Content may be king, but context is queen. It’s not enough to create plenty of content, you need it to be relevant. For instance, a push notification announcing a Happy Hour special is going to be much better received at 3pm than at 7am. Heidi Bullock (@HeidiBullock), VP of Demand Gen at Marketo recommends personalization across channels to boost both acquisition and engagement. She goes on to emphasize that you must be measuring all channels and programs in real time so that you can course correct as necessary.

Think Like A Publisher
The most successful content pieces are not about what you want from your customer (eg: click to rate our app or subscribe to our newsletter). David Bruno (@davethewavesd), Marketing Director for Aptos told us to move from asking “What do I have to give them?” to “What do they want me to give them?” He’s constantly asking his team to think about what’s interesting to their audience of retailers. He covers exciting topics like 3D printing and mood-detecting AI, because they have sizzle, and spends very little time writing about his product’s features. Provide content that is relevant, creative and current and your customers will come to you.

Know Your Audience
Sean Crowley (@seantcrowley), Director of Product Marketing for Dunn & Bradstreet NetProspex emphasized the importance of mining your CRM to know your customer. Use profile data to understand who you are talking to and give them content that is specific to their needs. For instance, last week, a “brite” event app sent me a notification about a live show in Boston happening that evening. An obvious mistake (I’m in San Francisco and rarely visit Boston) but still the sort of thing we can all learn from. Not only did they annoy me, but they missed an opportunity to sell me tickets to something in my home town. Segment your audience and map your messaging accordingly or face massive opt-outs.

Use Analytics to Leverage Triggers
Use analytics to learn what actions users typically take to move down paths towards conversion events, and create content that helps accelerate that. Rachel Young (@rpyoung_), Research Director for SiriusDecisions, urges us to take plenty of time in research and planning phases so we can identify these journeys. Be sure you have an omnichannel view of your buyers’ behavior. These paths are rarely linear and often span many devices and formats, but all of these channels must interact. Buying intent expressed through a desktop web visit may need to trigger a well timed mobile push notification.

While this was a B2B conference, many of the learnings are universal for marketers, regardless of their audience. Content comes in many forms, blogs, push notifications, video, email, graphics; and these get consumed across many channels and devices. Knowing what to create plus how and when to distribute it, is critical.

Be sure you’re getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Give your audience content they find valuable (and even exciting), rather than making it all about you. In order to do that, you must know your audience. Mine profile data to develop personas and create segments. Finally, use analytics to understand the path to conversion so that you can facilitate this appropriately. Check out The Essentials of Mobile Marketing Automation Checklist to learn how the right Mobile Marketing Automation tool can help you achieve all of this.